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We have several new heavy-duty trucks in AGA company and over 40 trucks in closely collaborating firms. Our trucks are: VOLVO, MAN, and SCANIA. The AGA’s fleet acquisition strategy includes purchasing only new vehicles from authorized dealers with repair and service time guarantee agreements. The maximum lifespan of use is 6 years.

The company also offers assistance in the area of customs handling of transported goods, especially for small customers who do not have knowledge in this area. AGA LOGISTYKA Sp. z o.o. can boast of cooperation in the field of transport services with many reputable producers on the national and global market which largely guarantees stability and allows for an optimistic view of the future. The company also maintains close cooperation with other companies in the transport and forwarding industry, which allows for improving and expanding the level of services provided as well as for exchanging services in the field of transport services sales.

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What sets us apart?

4 trailers will transport as much as 3 sets. 5 more pallets in one transport!

More about volume

In transportation, efficient utilization of cargo space is essential. We carefully plan and optimize loads, selecting appropriate vehicles to enhance transport efficiency. Maintaining a balance between the quantity and volume of goods is crucial for the profitability of transportation. 

Cargo hold height 3m
Loading clearance 3.2m

More about capacity

A cargo compartment height of 3 meters brings numerous benefits in transportation. It allows for the efficient utilization of cargo space, enabling the transportation of larger and taller goods without the need for disassembly. This increases the transport capacity.

Interchangeable container
as a warehouse.

More about containers

An interchangeable container, besides its primary role in transportation, can also serve as a warehouse. This flexibility allows companies to minimize storage costs by utilizing existing containers instead of investing in separate warehouse facilities.

Loading/unloading availability outside of driver’s working hours

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Flexible loading and unloading hours outside of drivers’ working hours are crucial for logistical efficiency. They allow for avoiding delays, increasing throughput, and adapting to changing market conditions. Our customers appreciate the streamlined service, which enhances satisfaction and convenience.

Multimodality: various means of transportation within one route

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Multimodality brings numerous benefits through the utilization of multiple transportation modes such as rail and road. It enables increased flexibility, efficiency, and delivery availability while minimizing costs and the risk of delays.

Container pool: warehouse-transport containers for rent

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We offer professional rental services for transport containers. Our fleet of high-quality containers, along with experienced staff, ensures fast and secure transport for both short-term and long-term needs. Get in touch with us for a personalized offer tailored to your transport requirements.

Precise and smooth space management:
Our way to perfect transportation!


AGA LOGISTYKA Ltd. has been in operation since September 16, 1991. Since the beginning of its activity, the company has expanded to its current size. Today, it operates a wide range of trucks (Volvo, Man, and Scania) with a payload of up to 21 tons and a volume of up to 115 m3, allowing for the provision of transportation services to various clients and the transportation of various types of cargo.

All vehicles are equipped with a satellite vehicle tracking system, allowing for the monitoring of the transportation service at any time, 24 hours a day. Additionally, the Webfleet system allows for direct control by customers through a special web application accessed via a link and assigned access password.

Leszek Guderski


We hold a License for International Road Transport of Goods issued by the Road Transport Department of the Ministry of Infrastructure since November 6, 2003.

We replaced concessions with a license to comply with new regulations.

We have received an ISO Certificate in the field of "Forwarding and international and domestic transport" from the certifying body TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH.

The company owner holds a Certificate of Professional Competence in international road transport of goods since June 7, 2003, issued by the Institute of Road Transport in Warsaw.

We are an active member of the International Road Carriers Association, and the company owner is engaged in rationalizing the conditions for conducting international road transport in Poland.



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Elżbieta Guderska


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Leszek Guderski


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e-mail: guderski@aga.pila.pl

Łukasz Fifer

Logistics Manager

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e-mail: Lukasz.Fifer@aga.pila.pl

Adam Szulc

Freight forwarding

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e-mail: Adam.Szulc@aga.pila.pl


Freight forwarding

+48 67 267 25 11
tel. Kom. 0048 609 550 213
e-mail: Jolanta.jaworska@aga.pila.pl
Kontakt w systemie Trans.eu 12528-33

Sylwia Skop

Freight forwarding

+48 67 284 06 25
e-mail: Sylwia.Skop@aga.pila.pl
Kontakt w systemie Trans.eu 12528-21

Józefa Socha


+48 67 267 25 12


AGA LOGISTYKA company offers stable and well-paid jobs for international drivers. All inquiries and offers should be submitted to the following address: 


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