We dispose 21 trucks „AGA” company and over 40 trucks in the companies with whom we cooperate closely. Our preferences in brands are Volvo and Renault.

The strategy in fleet assortment is to purchase new vehicles from authorised dealers only with agreements providing service and support. The maximum truck utilisation time in our company is 6 years.

Besides standard services we offer dangerous and/or oversized load transport. What is more,we can advise our less experienced clients on customs service procedures of their goods.

P.P.H.U. „AGA” collaborates with many major producers both on the domestic and international markets. We are bound by transport service agreements with, among others: Philips Lighting Poland Sp z o.o., Amica Wronki SA, Amercom SA and Vive Transport Sp. z o.o. To this collaboration to a large degree we owe the stability of the company and the ability to look towards the future optimistically. Our firm cooperates with others from the transport sector, what enables trade of services and, above all, maintaining high level of our services.

Main operating directions of AGA Guderski:
  • Great Britain, Ireland,/li>
  • Belgium, Netherlands, Germany,
  • Switzerland, Austria, Italy,
  • Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia,
  • Romania, Bulgaria

Each week in Newark/ England we can offer:

  • 3-5 trucks

We are looking for loads on the routes:

  • To : Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech, Poland,
  • From: Great Britain.



AGA company exists since 16th September, 1991. For the last 25 years, thanks to the work of Guderski family, it grew to its present size. Currently it has a fleet of 21 Volvo and Renault trucks, each with a capacity to contain 24t or 114 m3 load. It allows us to handle multiple types of cargoes to carry out a variety of transports for a variety of clients.

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